Karges Furniture

Karges FurnitureCarving is done by master carvers with hand chisels to create a completely hand carved piece of furniture. We allow the machine to remove the bulk of wood so that the carvers have a faint outline as a starting point. Look for chisel marks, crisp lines and often a signature by the carver; only these things can be left by a hand and a chisel.

Karges FurnitureDrawers are not standardized, therefore, each drawer is made to fit the opening in each unique case. Our drawers are constructed of solid hardwood and dovetailed in the front and back. Drawers are carefully sanded, filled and waxed. Every edge is soft and snag free and opens and closes perfectly every time.

Karges FurnitureDoor construction is very important at Karges. Each piece has the beauty of treasured European antiques, but the advantage in owning Karges is that the construction ensures that decades from now your doors will open and close as they do today, without warping or twisting. Karges uses double spline door construction, giving each door 15 times more gluing surface than most kinds of door construction. You can see this in the corners of our breakfront, curio, or armoire doors.

Karges FurnitureHardwood Veneers create exotic and interesting designs on our furniture. The quality of our veneer is the best of the best. When it is applied in multiple layers in different directions atop a solid, well-made core the result is unique and flawless. It is a breathtaking display of the beauty of wood. Veneer is not a cheap shortcut; it is an expensive, construction method that ensures longevity and strength in furniture that lasts for decades.

Karges FurnitureKarges Hand Decoration uses a century-old technique of pounce and pattern. The artist lays a perforated pattern made from a drawing on top of the wood. The artist then rubs a bag filled with chalk over the pattern to leave a very faint pattern as a guide. Our artists work with an open palette of lacquer colors to build and give life to each hand painted piece of art. No two pieces will ever be the same.

Karges FurnitureThe Karges finish is recognized in the industry for being the very best. One of the steps Karges takes to create this brilliant finish is hand rubbing. While some manufacturers spray lacquer to the desired sheen we feel that hand rubbing is the only way to achieve depth and clarity. The multiple layers of lacquer are sanded, then, using a compound made of oils and solids, our craftsmen work the lacquer to heat and manipulate it. The surface is rubbed with steel wool and/or lambs wool depending on the desired result. We take no shortcuts in our finishes ranging from a soft, close-to-the-finish Velvet rub to a glass-like High Polish.

FORESTS: One of God's greatest gifts to man is our planet's trees; therefore, we at Karges feel that furniture should not be a disposable item. Further, we understand that it is in all of our best interests to treasure and nurture our world forests. We believe it is important to seek suppliers who use sound environmental policies. Learn about the environmental philosophy of the furniture manufacturer and the harvesting and replanting policies used by their lumber suppliers.