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Being a strong designer line, Karges understands the importance of customization. We are fortunate to have an entire design and engineering team to aid in all custom processes. There are several depths of customization available to the Karges customer in all aspects of the creation process. Karges can do custom finishes, hand decorations, decoration colors, trim or hardware. For those designers with a need for something dimensionally changed, we are able to do dimensional or functionality changes of any kind, as long as it does not hinder the safety of the piece. Lastly, on occasion, even with our vast assortment of standard product, when a designer chooses to have something specific and unique, we are able to do concept design and create a piece based on your vision.

Because Karges is completely bench-made, these options are available to you as we make each piece specifically for a single customer. To begin the customization process please contact Customer Service or your sales representative, and they can help you get started.

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