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Kindel Grand Rapids is running a limited time sale on our new collections, Concorde, Facets Occasional, Dorothy Draper Additions. Please contact your sales representative or local authorized dealer for details.

The Latest Collection from Kindel, created by Greg Natale

The Concorde Collection

Natale’s enduring love affair with Paris and his fondness for meticulous timberwork inspired the collection, which embraces the strength and variety of timber and the unique qualities of stained and painted wood finishes. With minimal ornamentation, elegance takes the lead with a touch of contemporary flair not far behind. Explore the Collection here! Greg Speaks with Steelyard about his new collection, watch here!

Kindel Grand Rapids Introduces New Facets Additions

Facets Collection

Design beyond the ordinary with an array of luxury choices, begin here. If you want inspiration on what's possible, check out our gallery.

Kindel Grand Rapids During COVID-19

Doing Our Part

As a community, we've weathered a lot of unprecedented times. In WWII Kindel Grand Rapids rallied to build gliders. Now we are doing what we can to provide surgical masks for our healthcare professionals. We are in this together. Read more here.

Floor Samples and Limited Stock

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Featured Collection


68 7 DR95 DR95 B12 Detail2 Brighton Mosaic Square Crotch Mahogany Stilt Base


The Facets Collection includes the most comprehensive and wide-ranging chest, low-chest/nightstand, headboard, and bar cabinet program available in the luxury furniture market. Kindel Grand Rapids brings the essence of what the company is known for – craftsmanship at the highest level and made in the USA – to a broader audience with this platform-based program.

The versatility of Facets allows you to choose from door, drawer chests or low-chests/nightstands, and headboards in a wide range of sizes and then immerse yourself into an incredible array of luxury features including veneer, leather, finish, trim and overlay patterns. Multiple hardware choices are available including custom choices designed by Kindel Grand Rapids. If you want inspiration on what's possible, check out our gallery. For more information on the array of luxury options with Facets, Click Here.

Featured Collection


Italian Renaissance

Venetian furniture of the late Italian renaissance period was often flamboyant and elaborately painted, japanned and/or gilded. Venice, a seaport city which was a major trading center during the mid 18th Century, is where the Venetian style of furniture was created. Rococo style furniture of the late 18th Century produced in Venice also became known as Venetian style furniture. Bombe chests are a prevalent Venetian style as are the severe cabriole legs with the characteristic Venetian curl at the knee. The Venetian influence on other European styles was strong and different enough to warrant a classification of its own.

Venetian Collection

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Madcap Cottage and Greg Natale on Facets
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