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Kindel Grand Rapids Cares

We are all in this together. We are back making beautiful furniture for you. And we want to keep our team members safe and healthy. Highlights of what we are doing include:

  • Checking the temperature of all team members as we show up for work. 100.3 degrees F or less is the threshold for entering. Each of us is asked questions about our general health and exposure to a person with COVID 19. A positive response to any of the questions prevents entry.
  • We all wear a face mask as we enter the facility and to our work station. If we work independently and at least 6 feet away from another person we can take our mask off. We are practicing social distancing everywhere in our facility. We wear our masks to and from our work stations throughout the day and as we exit the facility. Our folks typically keep a clean mask in their cars. We have ample supplies of masks for our team members. Reusable masks are washed by team members. We are also emphasizing regular and thorough washing of our hands and using hand sanitizer.
  • We have rules for self-quarantining when a team member is sick depending on the issue.
  • We have developed protocols for the unlikely event that one of our team members contracts COVID 19 or if he/she has been in contact with another person that has tested positive.
  • We have reduced the number of tables and chairs in the lunchroom to ensure social distancing.
  • Bathrooms, lunchroom tables, and vending machine surfaces, common area surfaces and meeting room surfaces are cleaned 3 times per day by team members. Bathrooms are “deep” cleaned once per month by a professional janitorial service.
  • We keep records on daily check-ins, reported sickness, and cleaning. Signage, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies are readily visible and available throughout the facility.
  • Several of our team members worked together to develop our processes and protocols. We communicated our processes and protocols to all of our team members before they returned from lay off and reviewed them again in person. Each of our team members signed a form acknowledging receipt and understanding.
  • On-going communication and incorporating learnings are important. Emotional support for each other is critical.

We are happy to share what we are doing and what we have learned with you, let us know if we can be of help, we are all in this together.

Rob Burch

President and CEO

To comply with Michigan’s Stay Home Stay Safe order, we paused our manufacturing to keep our employees and our community safe. In light of this crisis, our chairman Jim Fisher who represents the owners, wanted to see how we could better serve our community and our country. We have ready and willing employees and we have equipment that could possibly help ease the burden on our health care workers.
After a quick investigative process, we learned the much needed N-95 mask requires a certification we do not have; however, another great need was for a standard sewn surgical mask to wear over the N-95 mask to prolong the usefulness of respirator masks. We quickly gathered a small cell of employees who have cutting and sewing capabilities, purchased more sewing machines and materials, found a pattern that was acceptable to the industry, and got to work, buying sewing machines and bringing in personal machines as well. By Wednesday we were making our first masks. We are adhering to the CDC guidelines and are maintaining a safe distance, and are continually conscientious of the health and safety of our workers.

Kindel Grand Rapids Brands