Hand Craftsmanship

Karges by Hand

Karges Craft Handcarving

Hand Carving

It is the age-old skill of hand carving with chisels and mallet that gives depth and clarity to the carvings of Karges by Hand. Our European furniture designs feature crisp relief, undercut patterns that require the artistry of our craftsmen and women. Although we have the advantage of machines to cut the wood to shape and create uniform component templates with structural integrity and optimum fit, the intricacy and the detail of our hand carvings are the true sign of hand craftsmanship.

Unique Finishes

Edwin Karges Jr set a precedent three generations ago with a finish process that requires 18-30 steps to achieve. With a century of experience, Karges utilizes that process to this day. We offer 18 wood finishes, 16 paint finishes, 9 faux marble finishes and 9 metal leaf finishes, all with options for physical and color distressing. Metal leaf accents and hand decoration are available on any finish. The steps to achieve Karges artistic finishes include bleaching the wood to reveal grain and definition, careful layering of color with stains, colored filler to fill the pores, hand padding and hand glazing. Each of the steps create color and depth. Sanding is done by hand to assure integrity of the grain. Several coats of lacquer and hand sanding build to give the impression of "looking through" the wood.

Finish 03
Craft Veneer

Hand-Selected Veneers

All of our veneers are hand selected and we are very discerning as only the best materials have been our standard for decades. Karges uses many combinations of woods including exotic species like Pimento, Goncalo Alves, Babinga Pommele, Macassar Ebony, Circassian Walnut and Olive Ash for intricate inlay or specific patterns of our own design. The combination of these exotic woods with our complex finishing process result in the distinction that is only Karges.

Karges Craft Metal Leaf

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